About Us

As a mum of 3 little girls, 6, 4 and 2, I found that when one would get sick, it was inevitable that the other 2 girls would soon follow. 

We would use up our towels and try buckets and bowls but the spew would leak through the towels onto the lounge or their beds which meant more cleaning up for me and they didn't always know when they were going to be sick so the bowls and buckets didn't work either. 

This is how the Spewy began.

The Spewy is made from terry towelling and microfibre layers to absorb vomit and a waterproof backing to ensure it doesn't leak through onto your child. It comes in a range of prints that will appeal to children. It is big enough to use as a blanket over your child or they can lay on it. For younger children you can flip the spewy over and use as a changemat.

The Spewy can also be used for toilet training, place it under your toddler at night and if they have an accident, just swap the Spewy over rather then changing their bed at 2am.

My goal now is to help as many other parents as I can with the Spewy