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Bed Mats

  1. Spewy™ Bed Mats 2 Pack (double bed)
  2. Spewy™ Bed Mats (double bed)
We understand that as a busy parent, time is a precious commodity. By using our Bed Mats, you not only save time in the middle of the night but also reduce your laundry load. At Spewy™, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve sourced quality materials and researched the most absorbent fabrics to ensure that we have created the best quality Bed Mats and Bundles to help make your life a little easier. Our products have been developed to ensure that they are versatile, hygienic and eco friendly. The best bit? They reduce your ever-growing laundry pile and are quick and easy to change in the middle of the night. Allowing everyone to get back to bed and sleep in no time. Spewy™ Bed Mats are a must-have product for every family.

Our waterproof Bed Mats are not only for toilet training toddlers but can also be used for nursing mums or anyone that needs a little extra protection in bed. In the case of an accident, forget wrangling wet, soggy sheets in the middle of the night! Take off the wet Bed Mat, pop in the wash and replace with a clean one. It takes less than half the time of trying to remake the bed at 2am.

The Spewy™ Bed Mats are made with a cotton print, layers of terry towelling and microfibre for absorption and a PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) backing to ensure that nothing leaks through. The wings are made from a soft suede that tuck in and under the mattress to keep the Bed Mat in place.

Our Spewy™ Bed Mats are available in different packs and sizes.In a Single/King Single which measures 100x74cm for the base and 60x80cm wings and Double bed sizes which are 135x74cm with 60x80cm wings. Our most popular2 pack bundleis a household favourite, one to have on the bed and a spare just in case. You can also purchase the Bed Mats assingle piecesas well. If you’re going on holiday, our Bed Mats also come in handyTravel packs. These include our Spewy's as well as a Wet Bag - everything your family will need for a short trip away or a lengthy vacation.

We have a range of prints to choose from Rainclouds to Feathers and cute Aussie animals. Pick your child’s favourite pattern or choose to match the décor of their room, either way, they will love their new Bed Mat.

The best part about purchasing our Bed Mats is that you can pick and choose the colours you want, even in our bundles. Choose between 6 adorable patterns. Depending on your little one's personality, you can match their Bed Mats and Spewy™ with a pattern of lovely flowers, a trendy animal print, or cute stars and clouds. 

Our Spewy™ products will be there when you need, whether it's for a vomiting bug, bed wetting or car sickness. Spewy™ has you covered!