Are the products made in Australia?

Unfortunately we were unable to find a manufacturer in Australia that could produce our products. We have since teamed up with a small ethical factory in China that we work closely with to ensure that all our products go through the appropriate quality control testing.  

What ages is the Spewy for? 

The Spewy is suitable for newborns right through until your child doesn't want to use it anymore. My eldest daughter is now 7 and she still uses it. 

 What is the Spewy made from? 

The spewy has a cotton print on top, in the middle it has layers of terry towelling and microfibre to absorb the liquid and a PUL waterproof backing to stop anything from leaking through. 

How much can the Spewy hold? 

The Spewy can hold up to 2 litres of liquid.Is it safe for babies?Inline with SIDS recommendations, we do not recommend putting the Spewy in a baby's bassinet or cot. However it is safe for you to use between you and the baby to protect your clothes from vomit or to to place baby onto for some naked tummy time. Making sure that you always keep an eye on baby. 

 How do I keep it on my child when they are in the car? 

If your child is old enough, explain to them what the Spewy is and why they have it on their lap. 

We've found that most children will use it as a comforter so will want to use it. 

 What do I do with the chunks if there are any? 

Once the Spewy has been used, if they are chunks, dispose of them and throw the Spewy into the washing machine. 

 How do I wash the Spewy? 

The Spewy can be washed normally in a washing machine and can also go into the dryer on a low heat. 

If you hang the Spewy on the line it will take a little longer then what a towel does to dry. 

 How do I care for my Spewy? 

Before it's first use, we recommend washing the Spewy first as it helps to absorb quicker. 

Wash your Spewy after each use and let it dry out completely before using it again. 

Do not iron your Spewy. 

 Does it smell after it’s been used? 

It will smell like spew but it won't be overpowering (speaking from experience here) 

If you can't wash it straight away or it gets used in the car, place it into the waterproof bag to also reduce the smell.

 My child doesn't vomit often, is it worth getting a spewy? 

Definitely!! If you plan on going for a road trip, I'd ALWAYS take one or two (see the about us section for my road trip story!) 

If you're planning on flying anywhere, the Spewy comfortably fits in any nappy bag or back pack. 

If your child goes to daycare, preschool or school, at some point they are bound to bring home a bug. 

 If you've got other children they will mostly like get this bug as well. 

Using Spewy's means less laundry for you. 

Why is my Spewy misshapen after being washed?

We manufacturer our products to ensure that they can contain up to 2 litres of liquid. Because of this, you may find that after a couple of wash cycles your Spewy or Bed Mat may not be aligned. This doesn't affect the use of the product at all. If this happens, just hold the edges of the product and pull back into shape. 

Can I use the Spewy for anything else? 

As a parent myself, I created the Spewy to be not only functional but also versatile. 

The Spewy can be used as a small blanket, a comforter, a changemat or for nappy free tummy time. 

It can also be placed under your toddler while toilet training in the pram. 

Children don’t always know when they’re going to vomit and most of the time don’t have great aim, the Spewy solves this problem, it is right there ready to be used as needed. 

Whatever the time, Wherever the place!!