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Travelling with Kids

Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids at any age is exceptionally beneficial to them. It will increase their social skills, give them a love and appreciation of nature and most importantly you’ll reconnect and grow as a family. Plus, it’s always an adventure with kids!

Follow these tips to make sure you have everything covered for your next family getaway.



Check the car before you leave, things like oil, water and tyres. Make sure that you’re Roadside Assistance hasn’t expired and you have those details handy. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being broken down on the side of the road with our 3 kids in the car!
A couple of days before you leave start to write down a list of things to do/pack. Leave it in the kitchen and as you think of things, write them down straight away.



Pick a family friendly location where there is lots of things for the kids to do. Caravan parks and motels often have pools and the bigger ones have waterslides and play areas/equipment. Choose a safe and central area that’s close to local attractions, food outlets, beach and park. Preferably within walking distance. Get the kids to help choose where you’re going to stay or what you’ll do when you’re there, it will help them get excited!



Plan your trip, especially the longer ones. Every couple of hours stop and let the kids out to have a run around, stretch their legs and have a toilet break.
Places like the park, swimming pool (depending on how much time you’ve got) or local attractions are great. Once you’re all back in the car get the kids busy with a book, drawing, toy or a movie.

If you can, sit in the back with them and join in with what they’re doing, they will love it! You know the saying ‘it isn’t the destination but the journey’ It’s so true! Remember to slow down and take it all in and enjoy these moments as a family.




When we travel with our girls, I have a bag for each of them in there I put, snacks, a water, toys, ipad, colouring in, books etc. Things to keep them entertained. I usually like to get them something new such as an activity pad or something similar for the trip away as well.
To keep them comfortable in the car, we pop a suitcase or something similar under their legs so their feet can rest on it.



Check for family deals. When booking always ask for specials or family discount rates. Some places offer free meals for children as well. If you can book outside of peak times, it will be quieter on the roads and cheaper for your budget. 


Last but not least, make sure that you have packed some Spewy's, Wet Bags and Bed Mats!

After all family holidays are all about making memories, not cleaning up spew and washing wet sheets!

 essential travel packs for travelling with children


Whether it's for a weekend away or the whole week, we have you covered with our Travel Packs. Choose from either 'Just in Case' or 'Well Prepared'
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Whether it's for reflux, a vomiting bug or the car,  the Spewy will be right there when you need it most. The Spewy can absorb up to 2 litres of liquid and with the waterproof backing, nothing will leak through, we have you covered, Literally!

Using the Spewy™ Bed Mat insures that if your child does have an accident during the night, all you need to do is replace the Spewy™ Bed Mat with a clean one rather than having to fully change the bed sheets at 2am in the morning!