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Life as a parent is full of surprises — some good and some not so good! Prepare for whatever the day might bring with a Spewy™. The team at Spewy™ is passionate about making parents’ lives just that little bit easier and is confident our one-of-a-kind burp clothes, bed mats, and other products will go a long way to simplifying clean-ups and ending sleepless nights. Browse the full range of Spewy’s™ online today!

Between bouts of gastro and bed-wetting accidents, parents spend a lot of time cleaning up after their little ones. A Spewy™ aims to make this task as simple and fuss-free as possible. 

A Spewy™ isn’t a normal type of towel. Rather, it’s a super-absorbant, practical and versatile burp cloth that changes the way you clean up accidents and spills.

Made from microfibre and terry towelling layers, a Spewy™ can absorb up to 2 litres of liquid at a time, and the waterproof backing prevents spills and spew from leaking through.

As a family-owned business, Spewy™ is all about creating products that are practical, which is why your Spewy™ comes with its very own waterproof bag. If your child is prone to car sickness, keep their Spewy™ close at hand and simply tuck the used cloth neatly away in the bag to wash when you arrive at your destination.

The best part? Spewy™ burb clothes come in a wide range of colours and patterns, which means your kids will love them as much as you do!

With so many different types of burp clothes available on the market, what makes the Spewy™ different?

Well, to start with, Spewy™ has been designed by parents for parents. We understand the challenges that young families face and have created a product that is practical and versatile.

Regular towels just don’t cut it when it comes to cleaning up spills and spew. They’re not designed to handle the levels of liquid car sickness, or a vomiting bug can produce. The Spewy™ is super absorbent and has a waterproof backing so nothing leaks through, meaning you don’t have to have multiple burp clothes on hand or ruin your towels! 

Kids are often reluctant to tell their parents when they’re feeling queasy or feel embarrassed about spewing. The Spewy™ is available in a wide variety of fun patterns and colours. Have your child pick out their favourite from our website, so they feel comfortable using their Spewy™ and understand exactly what its purpose is.

Purchasing your Spewy™ burp cloth couldn’t be easier. Simply browse through the various combo packages and designs available on our website to find a product that suits your needs perfectly.

Spewy’s™ are sold individually and are also available in a three-pack — a great choice for parents with a few little ones. The Spewy™ Starter Pack is a favourite of many of our customers as it contains 2 Spewy’s™ and a wet bag for ultimate convenience. Spewy™ wet bags can also be purchased individually and double as a great option to store wet swimmers after a trip to the pool or beach.

Browse the full range of Spewy™ products on our website today!