The Spewy™ is a practical, versatile and hygienic product that contains spew, so that there’s no mess for you to clean up. 

It works by being able to absorb up to 2 litres of liquid with it’s microfibre and terry towelling blend of layers and is able to stop spew from leaking through with a waterproof backing. 

Microfibre alone can hold up to 7 times it’s weight in liquid, combined with the absorbency of terry towelling, you can be rest assured that all the spew will be absorbed. 

As much as the Spewy™ was created to help parents when their child spew’s, we also knew that the product had to appeal to children, so with this in mind we came up with a selection of prints that children love. 

The Spewy™ comes with a waterproof bag, so that you can put the used Spewy™ in there if you’re travelling in the car. This will help to prevent that spewy car smell. When you arrive home, take the Spewy™ out of the bag and place both in the wash. 

The Spewy™ measures 50cm x 60cm. Any larger than this and it would be too big to sit comfortably on a child’s lap in the car seat. It’s also big enough for a child to lay their head on and still have enough of the Spewy™ to protect the bed or lounge.  





For years, our parents and grandparents have used the likes of towels, buckets and vomit bags as this was all that was available. 

By using the Spewy™ 

- There’s no more having to shower and change your spewy clothes! 

- There’s no more moping up spew off the floor or cleaning your lounge! 

- There’s no more trying to hold the bucket and hoping you catch the spew in time! 

- There’s no more spew leaking through the bed and having to change the sheets at 2am! 

- There’s no more cleaning out Spewy car seats, let’s face it, that smell NEVER goes away! 

Lastly, it will save you time, you will have less laundry to do and can spend more time with your child. 

Children don’t always know when they’re going to vomit and most of the time don’t have great aim, the Spewy™ solves this problem, it is right there ready to be used as needed.