What is a Spewy

The Spewy is an absorbent waterproof towel to be used when children are sick.
  • Lay the Spewy over your child’s lap whilst travelling in the car and when they vomit, the Spewy will absorb the vomit and the waterproof backing ensures that the child and car seat stay vomit free. No more cleaning out messy car seats!
  • Once the spewy has been used, place it into the waterproof bag which will help eliminate that spewy car smell. Throw it all in the wash when you arrive home.
  • Young children don’t have great aim when they are sick, so using the Spewy rather then a bag will ensure that there’s no vomit to clean up.
The Spewy is a really versatile product. It can be used as
  • a change mat if you're out and about 
  • tummy time for babies
  • to place it under your toddler at night when toilet training and if they have an accident just swap Spewy's rather then changing the bed sheets at 2am!
  • The Spewy can also be placed under them when they are in a pram if you're venturing out in undies instead of nappies. 
Made by a Mum for Mums


Spewy measures 60cm x 50cm