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Your Spewy can absorb up to 2 litres of liquid and has a waterproof backing so nothing will leak through. Use it on your child's lap in the car so you don't have to clean out spewy car seats. Place under your child's head to protect their bed or the lounge. 

100% recommend this product! My little man gets car sick and I kept running out of vomit bags at the wrong time 😆 but now I never have to worry!! His Spewy is always over his lap when ever we go out. Since using the Spewy he's not vomiting as often, it's like a security blanket for him as well 😁 great product 💜

Stacey Brock

My poor 3 1/2 year old boy has caught a stomach bug. Try telling a little boy he needs to aim for a bucket, luckily we had the Spewy on hand. Try also telling a sick little boy not to drink a lot of water.. well you get the point. But the Spewy was amazing. No mess, no clean up. Made a horrible experience just that little bit nicer. Thanks

Natalie Clarke