Our story begins on a road trip to Qld in 2017. At the time my 3 daughters were 5, 3 and 7 months old. Each year we would pack up either at Easter time or for Christmas and drive the 10 hours to see my brother and his family in a small town just out of Toowoomba. We'd done this trip often enough over the years that I knew what to pack. I had always included a couple of towels for those just in case moments if anyone got sick. This particular year, we had loaded up the car and were only a couple of hours down the road and my eldest daughter says that she feels sick. Next minute, without warning spew is flying everywhere!! So it was windows down until we could find somewhere to pull over. She quickly used both the towels I had packed and ended up using our clean clothes for the remainder for the trip. Needless to say, that was a holiday I'd never forget! 

Luckily my girls were never really spewy babies. It's not until they got older that I had to deal with vomit. When my eldest started school in 2018 she picked up a vomiting bug and shared it with both her sisters. 

That week, we used up all the towels that we owned, I was running on zero sleep and had a mountain of washing to do, including bed sheets! Worst week ever!!!! 

I went online to try and find a product that would help with the spew, something that I could put under the girls in bed so that the vomit wouldn't leak through but couldn't find anything. 

I was certain that I wasn't the only parent who was or would be facing these challenges so decided to create the Spewy. 

With the support of my amazing husband, I began the journey of creating a brand new product. 

After several prototypes and testing, we found a manufacturer and now the Spewy is available to parents worldwide!