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Spewy™ Mini Bundle

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This Mini Bundle is a great way to test out what everyone is raving about.

In the pack you will receive:
2 x Spewy™
1 x Wet Bag

Vomit is gross. I want less of it in my life and less cleaning! 
Said every mother ever!

Whether it's for reflux, a vomiting bug or the car, the Spewy™ will be right there when you need it most.

The Spewy™ can absorb up to 2 litres of liquid and with the waterproof backing, nothing will leak through, we have you covered, Literally!

It's hard for young children to know when they are going to be sick, so by the time they tell you, it's usually too late! By using a Spewy™, it is right there ready to be used as needed.

Once the Spewy has been used, it's as easy as placing it in the wash if you're home or popping it into the Wet Bag if you're in the car or out.  

The Spewy's are machine washable and low heat in the dryer. 

Spewy's measures 60cm x 50cm.

These are not the Bed Mats. Please see our BED MAT options.

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