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Spewy™ Bed Mats 2 Pack (queen bed)

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We've all been there – those middle-of-the-night struggles, half-asleep, battling with a wet fitted sheet on your child's bed.

Parenting presents its challenges, but fear not! Introducing the new Spewy™ Bed Mat, designed to ease those moments. With a capacity to absorb up to 2 liters and boasting a waterproof backing, rest assured, nothing will seep onto your sheets or mattress.

In Queen size, the base measures 150cm x 80cm with 60cm x 80cm wings, perfectly covering your little one's sleeping area.

Crafted with PUL waterproof backing, terry toweling, microfiber, and cotton print on top for the base, and soft suede for the wings, comfort and quality are paramount.