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Travel Packs

We know that travelling with babies and children can be a challenge so we've put together our must have Travel Packs. The first step of travelling with a baby is to make sure your journey isn’t organised around washing and laundry. Whether you are going away on holidays for an extended period of time or a short getaway, we have you covered! 

Our Travel Packs are developed by experienced parents who have travelled with babies and toddlers and know exactly what you need. Spewy™ provides Travel Packs in two sizes. They are fitted with everything you could need to complete your diaper kit. For those longer trips, get our all-in-one Well-Prepared Travel Pack. It includes 2x Single Bed Mats, 2x Spewy's a Wet Bag and a Travel Checklist, ideal to pop on the fridge and tick off as you pack. Use the Travel Checklist to tick off each item as you pack it. It's reusable so can be wiped clean and used when planning your next getaway.

For a day out or a weekend trip, try our just in case travel pack. Suitable for a smaller duration, it includes 1x Single Bed Mat, 1x Spewy, 1x Wet Bag and a Travel Checklist. No matter where you go, our travel pack is adaptable. The bed mat can fit a single or a king single bed, so you and your bub can be comfortable without worrying about spills or messes.

The best part about getting our Travel Packs is that you can make your own sets. You can pick colours for each Bed Mat, Spewy™ and Wet Bag. Based on what your little one prefers, pick a pattern of beautiful flowers, modern animal print, or adorable stars and clouds. Choose your favourite from 6 patterns for Spewy™ Bed Mats and Spewy’s™ and 6 colours for wet bags. 

Taking our Travel packs with on your next family getaway will ensure that you can enjoy your holiday and not worry about cleaning out a spewy car seat if your child was sick or washing wet sheets if they've had an accident.