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Travel Packs

Travelling with kids has its challenges, but it also provides the opportunity to make one-of-a-kind memories. Don’t let the thought of spills, spew, and accidents put you off from taking a holiday with your young family. Simply pack one of Spewy’s™ baby travel packs along for the ride to make cleaning simple and stress-free. Browse the full collection of baby travel bag products on our website today!

Whether you’ve never taken a trip with your baby before or are travelling for the first time with more than one child strapped into the back seat, there are a few items you have to include in your baby travel bag. 

A baby travel bag is designed to simplify your life and is packed with all the essentials you need to contain and clean up spills. Whether your kid is prone to car sickness or struggles with bed-wetting in a new environment, Spewy™ has you covered.

If you want to be ready for anything, check out our Spewy™ Travel Pack (Well Prepared). This comprehensive pack contains 2 Spewy™ Bed Mats with accompanying Cotton Bags, which will fit single or single king beds. You’ll also find 2 Spewys™, a Spewy™ Wet Bag and a handy reusable Travel Checklist inside to ensure you don’t forget a thing.

Families with only one child in tow might want to consider the Spewy™ Travel Pack (Just In Case,) which still contains everything you need to quickly and efficiently deal with spills and accidents, including a Spewy™ Bed Mat with Cotton Bag, a Spewy™ and accompanying Wet Bag, and a Travel Checklist. 

Regardless of the size of your family or the length of your trip, there’s a Spewy™ baby travel pack for you.

Our baby travel packs are designed by parents, for parents. We know the stress and anxiety that can come with travelling and aim to provide practical, versatile products to help mitigate this.

The Spewy™ is made from a combination of microfibre and terry towelling and is able to hold up to 2 litres of liquid, making it a far better choice for tackling spew than a regular towel. Our Bed Mat is equally as practical and absorbent, plus it is equipped with a waterproof backing to fully protect your sheets and mattress.

Our baby travel bag packs bring together the best of our products to ensure your holiday is as stress-free as it should be! Both the Spewy™ and Bed Mats are available in a broad range of patterns and colours, meaning your children will love them as much as you do.

What are you waiting for? Order your Spewy™ baby travel bag product now and say goodbye to days spent mopping up spew and sleepless nights spent trying to change bed sheets!

Browse the range of Spewy™ travel packs on our website to find the product combination and designs that suit you — and your little ones!