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Introducing Solids To Your Baby 101

Introducing Solids To Your Baby 101

Introducing your baby to the wonderful world of solid foods can take a little time — but it’s well worth it! Learn more from the team at Spewy™ today.

Any parent knows that no two babies are alike — even identical twins! For first-time parents, recognising when is the right time to introduce solid foods can be a daunting task. What signs should you look for that your little one is ready for more variety in their diet? What foods should be introduced first? How long should you continue breastfeeding or using infant formula in addition to baby solids?

These are all very common questions for first-time parents — and even those who may have been on this journey before. As parents ourselves, the team at Spewy™ know how tricky (and exciting!) this time in your little one’s life can be and is here to help with expert advice and a range of durable, quality parenting products.

Continue reading to learn more about the process of introducing baby solids.


When Can Babies Eat Solids?

Introducing solid foods to your infant marks a significant milestone on their journey to becoming independent eaters. Knowing when to make this transition is critical — while there’s no one single perfect time, guidelines exist to offer assistance to all parents, particularly those who are undergoing this journey for the first time.

Despite the fact that every baby is different, there does come a point in your little one’s life where nutritional variety becomes essential for their physical development.

Most parenting experts recommend waiting until around six months of age before introducing solids. Of course, before making any changes to your baby’s eating habits, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor — particularly if you are a first-time parent.


What Are the Signs Your Baby Is Ready for Solids?

There are a few key signs you can look out for that will indicate your little one is ready to start exploring the wonderful world of baby solids. 

Keep in mind that as each baby is different, this is not an exhaustive list and should not be taken as the only indicator that it is time for solids. When in doubt, always consult your doctor.

Your baby may be ready for solids if:

  • They show an active interest in the food around them — the food on your plate and what you are preparing in the kitchen.
  • They have good neck control and can sit upright without additional support.
  • They open their mouth when you offer them a spoon. 
  • They can make chewing motions with their mouth.


Introducing solid foods is an exciting milestone



What Do I Do if My Baby Vomits After Eating Solids?

We don’t need to tell parents that vomiting is all part and parcel of raising a baby. Unfortunately, the frequency of reflux may increase as you introduce new foods to their diet, depending on their digestive system.

The good news is that Spewy™ is here to help. Designed by parents for parents, the Spewy™ is much more than a burp cloth. Able to absorb up to two litres of liquid and with a waterproof backing, it’s a simple and effective way to deal with the inevitable baby vomit that comes after eating solids.

Plus, once your baby is done, simply throw the Spewy™ in the accompanying Wet Bag to pop in the washing machine later. Whether you’re at the park with friends or travelling in the car, the Spewy™ is soon to become your very best friend.


How Is Baby Poop After Starting Solids?

As expected, your baby’s poop will change after starting solids. After all, there’s now a wider variety of food in their digestive system. 

Most likely, you will notice that their poo becomes thicker, changes colour, and is a lot smellier. They also might require nappy changes more frequently. 

If you’re ever concerned about the appearance of your little one’s poop, speak to your doctor.


Solids — The Next Step for You and Your Baby

Introducing your baby to solid food is an exciting milestone for you and your little one. During this time, you’ll get to experience new foods and flavours together with your baby. Start slowly and gradually increase the amount and variety of foods as your child grows more accustomed to eating solids, and remember, the Spewy™ is here to help you with any problems along the way!