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New Mums — Invest In A Burp Cloth (Or Two!)

New Mums — Invest In A Burp Cloth (Or Two!)

If you're a mum-to-be, you're probably pretty overwhelmed by all the information and recommendations out there. As a family-owned company, the team at Spewy™ have been there before and aims to make your life simple and stress-free with one practical product — the Spewy™.

More than just a simple burp cloth, the Spewy™ is versatile and makes tackling the slips and spills that come with raising a young child easy.


Why Burp Clothes Are Important For New Mums

As any new mum will quickly learn, burp cloths are an essential part of baby care. Not only do they help to protect your clothes from spills, but they also provide a soft and absorbent surface for a burping baby. 

In addition, the best burp cloths will be designed in a manner that ensures they can be used for a variety of other purposes, including wiping away spew and cleaning up accidents. With so many uses, it's no wonder that burp cloths are a must-have for any new mum.

Of course, not all burp cloths are created equal. When choosing a burp cloth, look for one that is made from soft and absorbent material. You'll also want to make sure that the burp cloth is large enough to soak up a fair amount of liquid. And finally, be sure to choose a burp cloth with a cute and colourful design — after all, you and your little one will no doubt spend a lot of time looking at it!

In short, when choosing a burp cloth, be sure to choose a Spewy™! Our products have been designed by parents for parents and are practical, versatile, and fun. Your Spewy™ will come complete with a waterproof bag, so you can quickly and efficiently deal with spills before storing the dirty burp cloth away to be cleaned later.

We know that new parents have a lot on their hands and strive to make life just that little bit easier with the Spewy™.

How To Use A Burp Cloth

A Spewy™ is not only practical, but it's also extremely versatile. While you can use your Spewy™ as a traditional burp cloth, there are plenty of other handy applications for it, too.

If you've got a long car trip planned, your Spewy™ should be the very first thing you pack. Simply place over your child's lap to allow the layers of microfibre and terry towelling to absorb vomit effectively. The waterproof backing will ensure your child and their car seat stay vomit-free!

If your child has picked up a vomiting bug at daycare or school, the Spewy™ will quickly become your very best friend. If you have a young child and they're resting on your lap, slip the Spewy™ underneath their head to safeguard your own clothing.

Alternatively, if your kid is a little bit older and lying on the couch or in bed, lay the burp cloth under their head to protect these surfaces. It can also double as a comforter for them, which is why it's a great idea to have your child pick out their favourite design from our website. They'll soon love their Spewy™ as much as you do!

The Spewy™ absorbs all types of liquid, meaning it can also be a valuable tool when toilet training. Slip it under your child while they're strapped in their pram for peace of mind, or even use it as a change mat when you're out and about. The accompanying waterproof bag makes clean-up for hardworking parents easy — simply throw your Spewy™ into the bag to attend to when you've got a few spare seconds on your hands!

How Many Burp Clothes Do I Need?

The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors, including how many children you have and what you're planning to use your Spewy™ for.

If your little ones are prone to car sickness and you've got a long road trip planned, it's not a bad idea to invest in a few Spewy's™ for practicality and peace of mind. If your child is quite young and you're trying to manage to change their nappy while dealing with burping and spit-ups from feeding, you'll probably want more than one Spewy™ on your hands.

The good news is that we offer a variety of different Spewy™ pack sizes to suit the unique requirements of all our customers. Our signature Spewy™ is available in individual units or as a 3-pack, depending on how many kids you have and what their needs are.

If you've never tried a Spewy™ before, you might want to consider the Spewy™ starter pack. Containing 2 Spewy's™ plus a Wet Bag for easy clean-up, it includes everything you need to make your life just that little bit easier.

Those planning to use their Spewy™ burp cloth to help with night-time accidents might want to check out our range of bed mats. Made from the same super-soft and absorbent material as the Spewy™, the bed mat can absorb up to 2 litres of liquid and comes complete with waterproof backing to ensure nothing leaks through to the sheets or mattress underneath. 

The versatility of the Spewy™ means you can use the one burp cloth for multiple purposes, which is great news for hardworking and time-poor parents!

Shop For Burp Clothes With Spewy™

As a parent, you never know what the next day will bring. Staying prepared is easy with a burp cloth from Spewy™!

Browse the full range of pack options and designs on our website today.