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3 Ways to Use Your Burp Cloth

3 Ways to Use Your Burp Cloth

If you're a new parent, chances are you've had your share of baby burping and vomiting mishaps. It's all part of the territory when you have a little one at home. But that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to a lifetime of stained clothing. There are ways to minimise the mess and keep your clothes looking their best.  

First things first, let's talk about baby burps. Just like adults, babies need to release gas from their stomachs so that they don't get too uncomfortable. And trust us, you don't want a gassy baby on your hands! The best way to deal with a burping baby is to keep a baby burp cloth handy at all times. That way, when your little one lets out a big burp, you can quickly clean them up without having to change their clothes. 

Here are a few ways you can use your Spewy™ burping cloth: 

burping your baby

1. Burping

    One of the most common uses for burp cloths is, of course, burping your baby. After a feed, you'll want to hold your little one upright against your shoulder and gently pat their back until they let out a burp. (Trust us, you'll know when they do!) Having a burp cloth handy will help protect your clothes from any spit-up that might happen during the burping process. 

    How to properly burp your baby

    There are a few different ways to burp your baby and which you choose will depend on your own preferences as well as your baby's. The most important thing is to be gentle — you don't want to startle or hurt your little one. Here are some of the most popular methods:

    Over-the-shoulder burp: 

    Probably the most common way to burp a baby! Simply hold your baby against your chest with their head over your shoulder and pat them softly on the back until they burp. This is where the burping cloth comes in —to protect your clothes! 

    Some parents prefer to do this while standing, while others find it more comfortable to sit down. Whichever way you choose, make sure you support your baby's head and neck so they are comfortable and secure. 

    On-your-lap burp: 

    Another popular method is to place your baby on your lap. Face them away from you and support their head and neck with one hand while patting their back with the other. You can also try gently rubbing their back in a circular motion if patting doesn't seem to be doing the trick. 


    protect your bed from baby vomit

    2. Bed protection

      When it comes to bed protection for toddlers, many parents turn to traditional plastic or waterproof liners. But did you know that the Spewy™ can also provide an effective barrier against nighttime accidents? Not only are they soft and gentle on sensitive skin, but they can also be easily washed and replaced as needed.


      on the go change mat for baby

      3. On-the-go changing mat

        Simply lay a burping cloth on the changing table or any surface you're using, and it will provide an extra barrier against leaks or accidents. Since the Spewy™ burp cloth is made of absorbent materials - terry towelling and microfibre, it’ll quickly soak up any and all spills. Best of all, burp cloths are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for on-the-go diaper changes. So the next time you're caught without a changing pad, try reaching for a trusty burp cloth instead. It just might save the day.   


        Toilet training can often be a messy and frustrating experience for both parents and little ones. Especially on the one day, you end up venturing out without a nappy. Protect your pram by laying a Spewy™ under your child's bottom, and if there are any accidents - pop everything into the waterproof bag and wash it when you arrive home.


        How many burp cloths do you go through in a day? 

        On an especially tough day for the baby, we’re sure you go through heaps of baby burp cloths. Which is where our waterproof wet bags come in. Place your soiled clothes and Spewy's™ in them and wash them when you arrive home. It’s a real lifesaver for when you’re out and about and can be the perfect gift for new mothers. 


        Our range of products helps make parent's lives that little bit easier when their children are sick, going through toilet training or just need a little extra protection. Using our products helps to reduce the amount of washing and cleaning parents have to do, allowing them to focus on the more important things in their lives. Explore our website and see what you can find to help make the sometimes-messy job of parenting a little easier! If you have any queries, get in touch with our friendly team today.