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Why do I need a bed mat over my mattress protector?

Why do I need a bed mat over my mattress protector?

A good night's sleep is essential for everyone, but it's especially important for growing children. There are often times when children accidentally wet the bed and end up having trouble falling back asleep. A child who doesn't get enough sleep can have trouble concentrating, be more irritable, and even suffer from health problems in the long run, which is why it's so important to make sure your child has a safe and comfortable bed to sleep in. 

If you're struggling with the amount of laundry due to toilet training accidents, Spewy™ Bed Mats will be your best friend! 

What is a Bed Mat? 

Bed pads are absorbent pads that you place on top of your child's bottom sheet. They protect the mattress from getting wet and make cleaning up a breeze. All you have to do is remove the Bed Mat and pop it straight in the machine. No more stripping the bed and dealing with wet sheets!

Here are a few reasons we recommend the Spewy™ Bed Mat: 

bedwetting mats are more absorbent than regular sheets

Bed Mats are more absorbent than regular sheets

The first reason Bed Mats are more hygienic is because they're more absorbent than regular sheets. If your child has an accident in the middle of the night, our  Bed Mat will absorb up to two litres of the liquid and protect the mattress from getting stained. You can always wash the Bed Mat, but you might not be able to salvage the mattress if it gets ruined.

Another reason Bed Mats are more hygienic is that they're easier to clean than mattresses. Even if your child doesn't have an accident, there's a good chance their mattress will get dirty over time from things like sweat, skin cells, and dust mites. It's not always easy to clean a mattress, but you can easily throw a Bed Mat in the washing machine whenever it needs cleaning. 


Bed Mats make accidents easy to clean

Accidents happen; it's just a part of the toilet training process and raising children. But we can help make this transition period easier for both you and your little one. Remaking a bed in the middle of the night is not a fun job which is why our Bed Mats are perfect for you. 

Another reason to love these washable bed pads is that they're waterproof. This means that even if your child has an accident in the middle of the night, their bed will stay dry, resulting in less laundry for you and more rest for everyone involved! 

Spewy ™ Bed Mats can be washed in the machine at most settings and placed in the dryer at a lower setting or can be hung out to dry for added convenience. 


Bed Mats are affordable, comforting and easy to use

Bed Mats are an affordable way to provide extra comfort for your child. They’re also easy to use – simply place them over your child’s mattress, tuck the wings underneath, and you’ll be ready to go!  

Spewy™ Bed Mats are constructed with a waterproof backing, terry towelling and microfibre. With a lovely collection of colourful prints to choose from, you can be sure your little one will love their new bed mat.  


Bed Mats are more durable and breathable compared to mattress protectors 

Bed protectors are typically made from materials that allow air to flow through them easily, keeping your bed cooler and preventing moisture from building up underneath your sheets. Mattress protectors, on the other hand, may be made from materials that block airflow, making a bed hotter and more uncomfortable.

A safe and dry bed is important for your child's physical safety, emotional well-being, and overall health. Investing in a quality Bed Mat now will save you money in the long run and help your child get the best possible night's sleep. 

Check out Spewy’s™  wide range of Bed Mats today!