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5 Reasons Why You Need A Bed Mat For Your Toddler

5 Reasons Why You Need A Bed Mat For Your Toddler

Protect your mattress and encourage your little one to get a good night’s sleep with a bed mat from Spewy™! Learn more about this practical product.

As busy parents, anything that can help make life a little easier is definitely worth a look at. Especially when you hit that toilet training stage.

A Spewy™ bed mat does much more than protect your child’s mattress. Adding a bed mat to your little one’s bedroom setup can help them develop a positive relationship with sleep and also reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend stripping soiled sheets — a win-win!

Read on to discover why you need a Spewy Bed Mat.


Protects The Mattress

A good mattress can be expensive, and you no doubt want to take steps to protect your purchase. At the same time, as a parent, you no doubt understand that accidents happen all the time, and you can’t always prepare for what the day (or night) is going to throw at you.

Placing a Spewy™ bed mat on top of your child’s mattress is a simple strategy you can follow to protect it from stains and ensure the bed is a hygienic place for your little one to sleep.


Makes Cleaning Up Spills Easy

It’s one thing to protect your mattress. It’s another entirely to make the process of cleaning up soiled sheets easy.

It’s unlikely there’s a parent out there who hasn’t found themselves stripping dirty sheets in the middle of the night. Doing so is very disruptive to your little one and impacts your own quality of sleep.

By placing a Spewy™ Bed Mat on top of the fitted sheet, you can protect the coverings underneath, meaning you don’t have to spend precious sleeping time removing soggy sheets. 


Prevents Anxiety And Embarrassment

Children can often become very upset when they wet the bed and may be reluctant to wake you up and explain what has happened. The alternative — that they spend the night lying in wet sheets — is not hygienic or conducive to good sleep. 

The Spewy™ bed mat can help reduce feelings of anxiety and embarrassment associated with bed wetting. Your little one will know that solving the problem doesn’t require more than a quick strip of the bed protector mat rather than the entire process of removing and replacing sheets. 

We’ve designed our bed mats to appeal to adults and children alike, which is why they’re available in a wide range of fun patterns. The only person who will love the Spewy™ bed mat more than you is your child!


Helps With Sleep

We all know how important sleep is for children. Getting enough hours of rest every night is critical for their well-being and development. Unfortunately, there is a range of potential roadblocks that can prevent this from happening, including wetting the bed.

The less time you need to spend removing wet and soiled sheets, the more time they will have for sleeping!


Acts As A Portable Comforter

Whether it’s a holiday house or their grandparent’s place, many children find sleeping in a new environment difficult. It can help to have something that reminds them of home and their own bed. A Spewy™ bed mat can be used as a portable comforter — not only will it protect the bed underneath, but it can reduce stress and encourage a good night’s sleep. 


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These are just a handful of the reasons why using in a Spewy™ bed mat is the right choice for both you and your little one. Explore our range of products today, and be sure to contact our team if you have any questions.